Company Registration - Find Company Incorporation, Formation and New Company Registration in India

Published: 22nd January 2010
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Company Registration is mandatory as well as recommended for both public and private companies. Company registration procedure differs from one country to another. Every country has its own rules and procedures in order to register particular company. Company registration in India is regulated by companies Act of 1956. It includes many points to be follow like name of the company must be approved by ROC in the sate in which will establish, filing and submitting all the documents needed to the ROC, Submission of Memorandum of association and article of association, tax registration fees and many more steps are there to be follow in order to get company registration.

Along with the registration, company formation is also one of the company laws and services regulated by the government of India. Company formation in India is equally importance as compared to company registration. In company formation at least seven or more than seven person can filed their name in the names in the memorandum of Association to form an incorporated company. In case of private companies seven numbers will reduced to two. Means in private company formation at least two persons can submit their name in the memorandum of association. There are certain rules and procedure for company formation in India.

Apart from company registration, incorporation and formation in India, here you will also get complete information about other company services in India like export import data bank in which India company registration offers customs data for import and export of goods and services within different parts of India. This data includes date of export, quantity, country of foreign part, description of product and name of Indian party. Here you will get detail information about export / import licensing and policies that enables clients in meeting their requirements.

Along with this, interested clients are also provided with online export and import database policies, export import data bank online guide, online database management of import export and lots more that helps them in online import export transactions. There is also one more services named EOU registration that consists STPI company registration services, online guide to EOU registration, EOU registration consultants and lots more that are offered by IndiaCompanyRegistration. Apart from this kind of company service there are many more services which are provided by India company registration like taxation and licensing Service, STPI Registration, trademark registration, legal assistance in registration, incorporation Service Company, Corporate & Commercial Law and lots more that are recommended to be filled by particular company.

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